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Best spy hidden camera and spy cam.

Who wanted to take a photo of themselves in the public places!

Who wanted to take a photo of their secret admires!

Who wanted to take a photo of lovely babies!

Who wanted to take a photo in the library!

It is Best spy hidden camera.

Anyone who wants and needs to take a photo silently, the brand new and much powerful Super spy on phone Camera HD will be there for you!

This is not created on purpose of the negative use, therefore, the publisher or the creator is nothing to do with prohibitations on law.

Please use this on good purposes.

This version is a trial only.

For the toast notify, preview on the screen and the auto-shots are only available with pro version.


1. Silent camera shutter sound and spy hidden camera.

2. Able to set-up the toast notify.

3. Able to set-up preview screen. (It is possible hidden camera preview.)

4. Able to take a picture with a front camera.

5. Focusing feature is available. (Only with Super Spy Camera HD).

6. Zoom ins and outs are available. (Only with Super Spy Camera HD).

How to use.

1. Download the application and start (long clicking on the search button to be started).

2. click take a photo (Saving locations will be notified).

3. using center button at the bottom to take a photo with a full screen mode.

4. Taken photos can be checked on the gallery, will be saved on /DCIM/Banana/SpyPhoto.

@@Our app don't support hidden camera video feature.


1. Click setting.

2. Resolution setting, toast notification setting, Preview mode setting, camera types setting are available.

Tip. Disable on the toast notify and preview mode, you can take a photo without anyone knowing.

This app will add a new icon onto your home screen that links to a mobile web page that helps fund and promote the development of this app. If you do not want to use this awesome resource, you can either ignore it or delete it. If you do use it, we greatly appreciate your support.

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